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"NEW" Tunnels under London
Go Beneath the City and restore the power before there is a nuclear meltdown!
Step In To The Time Machine
Great for family, group outings, party events or just a simple date night.
Think you have
what it takes?
Time Machine or Tunnels Under London

What if you could change time… what if you had to change time? Can you accept the consequences to save humanity?

Escape the room games are quickly becoming the hottest interactive experience.. A room escape challenge will test your group in new ways and improve communication as everyone collaborates to solve clues and puzzles. It takes a group effort to escape the room before time runs out!

A new City awaits you and you must reach the Tunnels under London in order to avoid a City Wide Blackout for all Eternity.

           Our newest and more challenging Game is now open for bookings do not miss this awesome one of a kind play.












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Our Escape Rooms

Edge of Escape Rooms truly adds the 3rd and 4th dimension. We are based originally as an entertainment company and we strive to add engaging and interactive Entertainment into all our Escape Room concepts. Expect the challenges you are accustomed to but it doesn't end there... Edge of Escape Rooms are Immersive and Fun.
With 2 Escape Rooms it will be hard to decide which one to book! You'll have 60 minutes to unravel immersive puzzles that play with all of your senses and mindset as you unlock clues and solve puzzles
Time Machine: History as we know it threatens to be destroyed without your quick wits in this time travel-themed escape room. If successful, you'll track down a kidnapped time-traveler stuck somewhere in the distant past and save humanity
Tunnels Under London: For Several days London has had massive power outages and chaos is everywhere! If power is not restored there is a possibility of a nuclear melt down or explosion that will completely demolish all of London!
Whichever you decide, you will need teamwork and collaboration to succeed!


Use Hi-Tech clues to design your exit plan through the Edge of Escape


Ever wondered if you could handle the stress and pressure of the clock?


Work together with your group through real-life puzzles and situations

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