In order to understand what information GPT Enterprise Inc. uses, collects, and shares with websites, applications, and other online services and products, please read our privacy policy below.

Information You Provide


First and Last Name: This information is collected, stored, and shared for reservation and marketing purposes. User's full name may be shared with third party ticketing companies, Google analytics, Google Adwords, and Facebook.

Email Address: Your email address is collected, stored, and shared for reservation and marketing purposes. User's email may be shared with third party ticketing companies, Google analytics, Google Adwords, and Facebook.

Credit Card Information: Your credit card information is collected for reservation and payment purposes only. Full credit card information may be shared with third party ticketing companies. 

Address: Your personal address will be collected and stored by GPT Enterprise Inc for transactional and reservation purposes. This information may be shared with Google Analytics and Google Adwords. 

Site Interactions: Action you take on this website, including, but not limited to, visits, clicks, and page views. This information may be shared with Google Analytics and Google Adwords for marketing purposes. 

Additional Information: GPT Enterprise Inc. may collect additional data for job applications or other forms.

Information Automatically Collected


User Data: Certain data is automatically collected while using this site. This includes, but is not limited to, data usage, active users, demographics, income, gender, interests, geographic location, behavior, and device you are using. This information is collected and stored with Google Analytics and Google Adwords. To opt-out of location tracking, review your devices settings and turn off any location services. 

Cookies: Cookies are stored and collected bits of data that are collected and stored by Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and shared with GPT Enterprise Inc. This information includes, but is not limited to, all information listed in the "User Data" section of this Privacy Policy. Most browsers have cookies on by default. This is customizable and able to be turned off within your browsers settings.

How is it shared? 

All information may be shared voluntarily or collected automatically. This includes any written communication, transactions, purchases, reservations, or subscriptions. Your email, first name, last name, phone number, and email address may be shared if included in the written text of an email or purchase. This information, such as first name, last name, date of visit, and any affiliates you are with may become public when shared for marketing purposes. Any public or private post made online including social media posts, photos, reviews, verbal comments, may also be made public for marketing, development, and research purposes. Any reviews, posts, or written and verbal comments made on third party sites may become public and you should review their privacy policy before use. Please note that any information stored is permanently stored even if service is terminated. Information may be shared with third party companies for site maintenance and performance, marketing purposes, and to carry out any work needed for GPT Enterprise Inc. In compliance with the law, your information may be shared to any applicable law, legal service, government service, or any legal process to the extent the law depends. Information may also be shared if the site is used outside of its intentions, privacy policy, or safety policy. 

Third Party Sources


The information and data that is collected listed above in this Privacy Policy may be shared with third party affiliates. This includes, but is not limited to, ticketing companies, external links, reservation companies, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, independent contractors, and marketing companies. Information may also be collected on other sites via advertisements or pixels. This includes any interaction with branded content on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and TicTok. Any advertisement regarding GPT Enterprise Inc. on any site may collect data for marketing purposes. Some third party advertising companies offer an opt-out option for data collection used for advertisements. To opt-out of Google Analytics, click here. To review Google's Privacy Policy, click here. 

Why do we collect information?


All information collected is used for marketing, ticketing, reservations, transactions, site maintenance and performance, research and development, provide customer service, provide information about the business, communication, monitoring behaviors and trends, and personalized advertisements. 

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